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Customer Testimonials

Sanport Auto has been my mechanic for 3 years and they are great. They'll treat you nice and with great service, I recommend them with 5 stars. They work on any car.

Neto L. -Tulsa, OK

Sanport Auto in Broken Arrow is an auto repair service that I would recommend to anyone. They are always there when I need them. I can bring my vehicles in at anytime, they give me a ride home, call me with an estimate (very reasonable labor and parts), and then pick me up. They treat me like family. I know other people that also have had excellent results with this company. I know they are honest and trying to help me.

Debbie B. - Tulsa, OK

I've been going to Sanport Auto for over 5 years and it's the only auto servive place that I trust. They work on my car and get the issues fix. They are friendly, reasonable and trustfull. Wouldn't use anybody else to take care of my car.

Carlos M. - Kiefer, OK

I have taken all of my cars to Sanport for over 10 years now. I wouldn't take my car to anywhere else and know that they are the most helpful of people in all of Tulsa. The entire staff who works in the front is always nice and honest about the work to be done. I have gone there for so many years now that I feel like I am friends with everyone and trust them entirely with their services. I have referred many people there and am happy to continue doing so. I respect honest hard work and good people who provide it which is why I will always take any vehicle I have to Sanport Auto Service in Broken Arrow, and hope that everyone else does the same!


Sanport is by far the best Auto Service company that I have ever been to. The entire staff is welcoming and makes you feel important and cared for. I have had my oil change and tires rotated many times, had new brakes put in and had my new tires put on at Sanport. Everyone is nice and helpful, very honest with you about what is best for your car and really cares. I highly recommend Sanport and hope that everyone in the Tulsa and Broken Arrow area goes to Sanport for all of their car needs...there is no where else better to go. My entire family gets their cars serviced at Sanport now and everyone in my family is pleased and happy. I am so glad I found them because I will never go anywhere else...
Roxxyroxx - I am sorry you had a bad experience, I know that every person/place can have it's bad day...so I bet you just went there on an off day. I hope you go back because I have been there multiple times and honestly wouldn't go anywhere else. Even my mom and sister go and we all agree that our cars are always properly serviced and the staff that works there is really nice and friendly.


I had a very extraordinary experience with Sanport. My husband was deployed in Iraq last October 2011 for two months and as a new driver who just got her license everything for me is real tough.

Our car had experienced several issues after we brought it to a well known national service shop here in Tulsa . We brought our car six times with the same issue but they only keep on swapping parts until we can no longer drive our car from point A to point B leaving us huge amount to pay ---$3000plus!

My friends who experienced the Sanport care and service convinced me to give it a try to Sanport. Hopeless as I was from what we experienced from &*&*%%^, I never hesitated to try the Filipino Service.

Indeed, it was an AWESOME experience because without delay, Sanport send me a towing service for free and had brought our car under their care. Before they made any repair, Sanport discuss to me the condition of the car and how much we are going to spend for the repair. In fact, I was surprise that the costing was more half of the price of what we spent previously from a certain "national service shop".

Sanpot tore the engine after I gave them the permission and they advise me what's best and practical to do. The head engine was repaired and the head gasket was replaced as well as the fan. I was checking too on net about the pricing for our car repair and I was happy to know that Sanport 's charging was not too pricey.

When the car was fully repaired and started to be in best condition, one of their staff, drove the car to our place. It was clean and shiny that I hardly recognize it.

Just last January 21-25 we drove the car from Tulsa, Cincinnati , Chicago, Great Lakes , Round Lakes and back to Tulsa with no issue of OVERHEATING which was our primary problem the first time we brought it to that bloody *&&%^%%%$%^$ famous national service shop.

I can personally recommend Sanport without hesitation because it once help me at a time my husband was at active Service.

Two thumbs up for Sanport. Thank you Sanport for giving me too a free towing card and a service warranty for a year when we have to drive state to state and experience some problem. We never used that card yet because you exactly know what you are doing. My husband who is black American, says.... " I wish I have known Sanport earlier."


Sanport Auto Service has been my mechanic for 3 years and they done great. they'll treat you nice and with great service, i recomend them with 5 stars. they'll work with any car with a great price.


It's nice to be able to take your car to an honest repair shop. I'm a new customer and I was very impressed with the way that they took care of me and how fair their pricing was. The service advisors were very pleasant and informative. The shuttle service was extremely convenient. I will definitely be bringing my vehicles back any time they need work done. I felt comfortable there, on my first visit no less, and you don't usually get that when you go to car shop.


I have been taking my cars to Sanport Auto in Broken Arrow and Tulsa for over 15 years -- and I have never been disappointed. Andrew and Mary and their fine staff have been consistently courteous and professional. I have never been overcharged and have always been pleased by their excellent service and prompt repairs. -- Msgr. Patrick Gaalaas, February 23, 2012


I always take my car to Sanport Auto Solutions. When you're there, they treat you like family. They offer the best quality service at a competitive price. They will treat your car with care as if it were their own. They are thorough and even go the extra mile. Whether you break down on the side of the road or you need a maintenance check before you go on vacation, Sanport is the way to go. They even have a free delivery service. They will pick you up and drop you off at no extra charge. Every time you do business with Sanport, a pleasant experience is guaranteed.

Adam L.